RuneScape: Obscure Item Bolt Pouch Can Save Inventory Spots for Rangers

A very obscure but useful item available to RuneScape members is the bolt pouch. Bolt pouches can hold up to 255 bolts of four different types and are ideal in combat when the RuneScape player desires to either use different bolts during the combat or collect bolt drops, as it allows saving inventory spaces. It also serves to save bank space when the RuneScape player has only a few of certain types of bolt.
RuneScape players may have only one bolt pouch at a time. Bolt pouch may be purchased from Hirko the crossbow trader in Keldagrim. If Keldagrim has already been visited once, using the trap door on the west side of the grand exchange is the fastest method of access.

RuneScape players must talk to, rather than trade, Hirko. Then they must listen to him chat about crossbows, inquire about bolts, and then finally he mentions he sells a bolt pouch for 1,500 coins. Hence, most RuneScape players are not even aware he sells it.

To put bolts in a bolt pouch, use the bolts with the pouch. Any type of bolt may be stored; simply use the bolt with the pouch. Up to 255 each of four different types of bolt may be stored.

Left clicking on the bolt pouch opens an interface displaying the types of bolts stored plus those wielded. RuneScape players may right click to wield a type of bolt without having to remove it into inventory. However, if another type of ammo is already wielded, there must be space in inventory for it. Should there be no room to remove or wield ammo, a message pops in the chatbox saying so.

RuneScape players cannot access the bolt pouch during combat. Hence, when desiring to use multiple types of bolts for one NPC, the bolts will need to be withdrawn beforehand. When dealing with aggressive monsters, bolt pouch won’t be as useful until the monsters become non-aggressive, unless the RuneScape player uses a safe spot to pause combat.

Bolt pouch is always lost on death. If lost on death or destroyed, the bolts will fall to the ground. Therefore if the RuneScape player dies with a full inventory, he will not be able to retrieve all his items on one trip.