RS3 Fastest 99 Skills


There’s always a stage where you, as a RuneScape player, start to wonder what the fastest 99 skills are because you’re eager to achieve a milestone cape of your own during your excursion. That’s the sole reason why we’ve taken the stand to develop this guide. So, to know more, continue to read further.


Fletching is the practice of turning logs into unstrung or un-feathered items such as bows, crossbows, bolts, and arrows that are used in the Ranged skill. With the help of bowstrings and feathers, you can then fletch the above items into the final product. Unstrung bows offer a good value when you use high alchemy on them, and that’s why they’re also a good source to train your Magic.

Fletching is considered the rs3 fastest 99 of the rs3 skills on the RuneScape platform, and it also provides a good amount of profit when you’re training the skill at a higher level. If you’re focusing on reaching the 99 milestones in the rs3 fastest 99, then you’ll need a knife and the best logs dependent upon your current level. Instead of cutting the logs yourself, you can also choose to purchase them from other players or the Grand Exchange. However, purchasing them would be costly, and only players who have enough RS3 Gold can do it.

Okay, so you should start with normal logs and fletch Arrow Shafts and Shield Bows until you reach level 25. You can then move to Fletching Shield Bows from Oak Logs until level 40 before you start off with Longbows from Willow Logs until level 55. Similarly, continue with Shield Bows from Maple Logs up to level 70, and finally switch to Shield Bows from Yew Logs all the way to the rs3 skills level 99 in Fletching.


Cooking is the practice of developing raw food into proper edibles that increase your character’s HP and the next rs3 fastest skill to 99. The items used for cooking are mostly obtained from the Fishing skill, but there are also other dishes that are involved, such as Pizzas, Pies, and so forth. You can either choose to purchase the raw products from other players or the Grand Exchange, or simply catch them yourself using the Fishing skill. Depending on what you cook, and what your current level is, you can make a good amount of profit.

You can start off by catching Raw Shrimps and cooking them until you’ve reached level 5, and then move onto Raw Herrings up to level 20. Similarly, start with Raw Trout(s) till you’ve reached level 68 because at that stage you will stop burning the food if you have Cooking Gauntlets on you. Finally, switch to Raw Lobsters, Sharks, and then Monkfishes, while holding on to your gauntlets. If you want, you can continue the same, or at the end, switch to Raw Rocktails until you max out your Cooking.


Another rs3 fastest skill to 99 that you may want to consider maxing out because it’s easy to level up is Construction. You can easily get to level 19 by making Crude Wooden Chairs in the Parlor Room, and you’ll need the following items; Planks and Nails. Next, switch to Oak Chairs (level 33), followed by Oak Larders that will help you reach level 52 Construction. With the help of a Demon Butler, you can make things easier and start constructing Mahogany Table until level 62. Now, head to the Aquarium and start focusing on constructing Driftwood Pawnbrokers. Finally, it’s time to max out by making Flotsam Pawnbrokers with the assistance of Mahogany Planks.


Another easy-to-train skill that requires little to no effort, because all you have to do is burn logs using a Tinderbox. You can always make use of various methods to get the work done quicker, and trust me, training this skill is way faster than it was before.

So, to start off, grab a Tinderbox and fill the rest of the inventory with Normal Logs. Now, begin the burning process until you reach level 15, and then switch to Oak Logs up to level 30. In a similar manner, grab Willow Logs and burn them until level 45, and from there, let Maple Logs take over till your reach level 83. Finally, you can choose whether you want to max out using Curly Roots, or using Yew Logs. But I must inform you, that you’ll need three times more Yew Logs to max out, which also means three times more effort.


The mightiest skill is finally here. Ah yes, Prayer. It can be very expensive to train this skill, because it requires offering bones at the altars, or burying them into the ground, and I must say that high-tier bones are quite costly to purchase. However, you can always make use of a Gilded Prayer Altar and First Age Outfit to reduce the usage of bones while maxing out.

The cheapest and fastest way to train Prayer would be Cleansing Crystals in the Elf City. You can gain about 9,800 EXP in just a couple of minutes through this method, but it’ll cost you about 110,000 Runescape Gold coins. Even though it sounds expensive, it is still the cheapest and fastest method, as compared to the other ones.